How McDonald’s, and Junk Food Took Over the World

History of the junk food business


The overwhelming success of GAFAM should not obscure the rapid global development of other less “trendy” economic activities, foremost among which is agrifood and fast food.

McDonald’s has thus been able to successfully explore new avenues of globalization, establishing itself as a leader in the geoeconomics of food. Driven by an almost military organization, millimetric processes and an imperative corporate culture, the historic brand has developed all over the world, for better or for worse.

Because this undeniable economic success is not without consequences for public health, particularly among young addicts. The image of the sign was thus damaged, McDonald’s becoming, rightly or wrongly, the symbol of junk food.

Carbohydrates, lipids and transgression

The historic founders of the brand will have left behind only their surname. Indeed, if Richard and Maurice McDonald did indeed run a very lucrative grill restaurant in San Bernardino, California in 1940, it was to another entrepreneur, salesman of milkshake machines, that they entrusted the development of their fast food template.



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